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Where Players are Made

Why Brazilian Soccer Schools?

At Brazilian Soccer Schools we are all about the joy of the game. We do not count the goals scored. Our mission is an individual, comprehensive technical training of players. We cultivate the principles of fair play, teamwork and respect for teammates and opponents. We develop mental maturity, essential for manifesting football IQ. Playing the Brazilian version of futsal (Futebol de Salão) was how most Canarinhos began their adventure with soccer.

A BSS player who has completed all training stages enjoys the game more, displays technical skills far beyond their peers, and is better able to make effective decisions on the field. They are mentally prepared to solve problems and have the tools to do so in the game. All this should all the player to compete at a higher level in soccer development.

Brazilian Soccer for kids

Master the ball, create yourself, play beautiful

Soccer is a team sport, but it is the technically brilliant players that captivate the crowd, which is why at BSS we focus on individual training of our players.

We aspire to create complete soccer players: technically brilliant, mentally strong, enjoying the game. Ones that are ready to play at the highest level of soccer.

BSS Soccer Academy


During sessions for the youngest kids we use their natural predisposition for having a spontaneous, joyful approach to soccer. Classes for this age group focus on coordination and improving overall fitness levels. Even at this early age we recognize individual talents and work towards letting them shine.


In this age group children learn soccerl mostly through activities and games making them familiar with basic techniques. Controlling the ball, dribbling, observation skills, spatial awareness, shooting, and decision making are aspects of the game we work on at this level.


Brazilian Soccer Schools classes for kids in the oldest group focus on mastering the technical skills needed in the game. Focus is to ensure our players are two-footed, quick in movement and decision making, we also continue to develop their spatial awareness and ability to change the tempo and direction of the game. We incorporate the principles of teamwork into the training and adopt multiple systems of play: from 1 on 1 to 7 on 7.