If you are thinking about starting your own business but would like to minimise the risks associated with the process of going it alone, franchising could offer the perfect solution.

Franchise systems offer ready-made business concepts. By purchasing a licence you acquire the right to use a well-known brand name, and benefit from their know-how and experience. As a franchisee, you become part of a larger organisation and benefit from all the advantages of that. When you launch your business you are relying on proven solutions created from the experience of others who have already trod the same path.

Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools
SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools are two programs you can run in your area as our franchisee. Many people start by launching a SOCATOTS franchise, and then as the children grow older they are introduced to Brazilian Soccer Schools.

National Head Office

E-mail: partnership@braziliansoccerschools.ca
Phone number:+1 (604) 721-3771