BSS Soccer Academy



During sessions for the youngest kids we use their natural predisposition for having a spontaneous, joyful approach to soccer. Classes for this age group focus on coordination and improving overall fitness levels. Even at this early age we recognize individual talents and work towards letting them shine.


In this age group children learn soccerl mostly through activities and games making them familiar with basic techniques. Controlling the ball, dribbling, observation skills, spatial awareness, shooting, and decision making are aspects of the game we work on at this level.


Brazilian Soccer Schools classes for kids in the oldest group focus on mastering the technical skills needed in the game. Focus is to ensure our players are two-footed, quick in movement and decision making, we also continue to develop their spatial awareness and ability to change the tempo and direction of the game. We incorporate the principles of teamwork into the training and adopt multiple systems of play: from 1 on 1 to 7 on 7.

Brazilian soccer for kids

Futebol de Salão (FDS)

Brazilian Soccer Schools offer children an all-round preparation for further football experiences. Thanks to using special heavier balls with less bounce, our players get 600% more contact with the ball than those using a regular soccer. A BSS player who has completed all training stages enjoys the game, displays technical skills on various levels of soccer craftsmanship, is able to make informed and effective decisions on the field. They are mentally prepared for tackling complex, tactical problems and ready for competing in the next stages of their sports development.

Here’s what others have to say

I cannot believe what I see with Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS, it is amazing and it is something completely different and very special. It will have so many benefits for football and for kids in general. Socially, physically and technically I can see this, having such a positive influence for future generations across the world.

Carlos Alberto

Brazilian former footballer (Born :17 July 1944 – 25 October 2016)

The whole Futebol de Salão thing really interests me because it is a different way of teaching kids to play the game. They’ve been doing it in Brazil for years and they are one of the best teams in the world, so there must be something in it for England, it could well be the way forward.

Michael Owen

English former footballer

You have rescued the game of Futebol de Salão. So many players who I played with would be interested in the fact you have done this. We still enjoy playing it, but in Brazil we can’t even buy a ball, FIFA have ruined the game with a bouncing and a high ball.


Captain of the Brazilian national football team, 1954 - 2011

Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS are tremendous, both are a great way to get children started with exercise, and it is so much fun and incredibly positive. I do think children need to do more exercise in general and this is a super way to begin. I think SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools are a country mile beyond anything else out there and Devon (my son) has been a SOCATOT from seven months. It’s never too young for them to start learning. If children can start young and enjoy playing and exercising I am sure they will stay involved with sports throughout their lives.

Nell McAndrew

Model and Amateur Athlete

Brazilian Soccer Schools gave me a great introduction to my coaching career and allowed me to remain open minded about many things within the game. This together with Socatots is a great concept and route for young coaches to take into the game. From a personal point of view working within a franchise also allowed me to experience many other important things such as building up my hours working with children at the grassroots level, acting as a mentor for them as well running the business side of things such as marketing and taking responsibility for my own schedule of classes.

Kristian Wilson

Performance Coach, New York City FC